ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME Viola’s mission is to increase minority participation and ownership in the cannabis industry while positively impacting and reinvesting into communities most affected by the war on drugs. ONE FLOWER AT A TIME With over 10 years of experience growing premium flower and producing award-winning extracts, Viola offers a wide variety of strains and products across five states and throughout Canada.
VIOLA DETROIT Viola operates a 46,000 sq. foot cultivation facility and Provision Center in Detroit, Michigan. Expert cultivars rotate over 40 strains each year providing Michigan with a variety of premium flower.
The Viola Provisioning Center offers Viola flower and a variety of other brands and products.
VIOLA GARDENS The 12,000 square foot Colorado facility houses both cultivation and processing, growing premium indoor flower and producing award-winning extracts. Viola leads in high-quality terpene profiles, specializing in live resin, live rosin, and pre-rolled flower.
VIOLA RIDGE Viola's 80,000 sq. feet farm in Falls City, Oregon includes both greenhouse and outdoor sun-grown flower. The sustainable farming system uses compost teas to maintain soil fertility and biological diversity. Viola's vast supply of premium plant lineage yields an ongoing variety of flavorful live-resin terpene profiles.
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