The Strain
    Introducing ’96, the first strain in the Iverson collection and the same year the cultural icon, Allen Iverson was drafted to the NBA and changed the game forever.

    This Indica dominant strain is a cross between Secret Kush Mints & Grape Stomper.

    The Strain
    Following the success of ’96, the Iverson Collection peaks high performance with the latest ’01 indica-dominant hybrid strain. Marking the year that the NBA Hall of Fame, Allen Iverson, was named MVP, ’01 is a euphoric variety with signature hops that put it to the top of the roster of game-winning highs. Recognised for its super frosty mugs, dark shades of purple and citrusy scent, ’01 is unmatched.

    Genetic Cross: F1 Durban x Gushers x Runtz
    Smell / Taste: Flowers/Pine/Orange/Hops
    Effect: Euphoric, balanced body and head high

    Locally Grown at Viola Cultivation in Detroit, MI

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