The 48,000 barriers for re-entry after a felony conviction make it almost impossible for people to move on after serving their time. Expungement is an opportunity for former offenders to have their records cleared or sealed, and afford returning citizens a fresh start.
National Expungement Works Your contribution goes toward legal clinics and wrap around services.
Join us for a FREE Brake Light Clinic in Detroit this Thursday Sept, 30th A broken brake light often leads to a citation and fine, but for those of us who have been impacted by an unjust penal system, the consequences could be devastating.
Download the Root & Rebound x VIOLA New Leaf Toolkit This Toolkit serves as a helpful “how-to” guide for your successful reentry after a cannabis conviction. Equip those impacted by the War on Drugs with the tools they need for success. Donate, and find more expungement events hosted by Root and Rebound here. If you are in need of expungement services, take the first step by filling out the form here.
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