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Let’s figure out the vibe that’s perfect for you. First, let’s find out a little bit about yourself.
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Get Up & Go Good Times Kick Back Lights Out

What kind of vibes are you looking for?

Relaxing Energizing Vibing Mellowed Out

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Morning Afternoon Evening Night

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Wake, Bake, and Go Lights Out. See Ya Later

Would you rather be a

Lazy Susan Chatty Patty

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Life of the Party Enjoying the Ride

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Flowers Edibles

How often do you vibe out with cannabis?

Just Starting Out Once in a While True to This, Not New to This Everyday

What makes you feel the vibes are off?

Feeling tired and out of it Feeling anxious or paranoid Not hitting how you thought it would Feeling like you’re losing it

What do you like to do after you vibe out?

Create something or feel inspired Get lost in a TV series or music Kick it with friends Whatever. As long as I’m not feeling any pain

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