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Bucketz Live Terpene 510 Cartridge

Bucketz Live Terpene 510 Cartridge

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This Bucketz Live Terpene 510 (Distillate) 800 mg THC from Viola is a Sativa-dominant live resin 510 cartridge. The THC dominant live resin is rich with cannabis terpenes extracted from fresh frozen plants and with no added flavours and solvents. A premium, convenient, and full spectrum extract, expertly formulated to deliver an easy user experience with a unique gassy nose and smooth flavour. Our premium hardware delivers a consistent dose with every activation. Prominent terpenes include b-myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, a-bisabolol, and isopulegol.

Viola – is a social equity and black-owned brand with the mission of improving minority representation within the cannabis industry.

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